Integrity & Standards


There is hereby an established body to be known as the association of Issuing House of Nigeria (hereinafter in this constitution referred to as the “Association”) which under that name shall be registered by the trustees with the corporate Affairs Commission in accordance with companies and Allied Matters Decree 1990”

The Investments And Securities Act, 2007

The Investments And Securities Act (ISA), 2007 amongst other things, provides for - (a) the establishment of Securities and Exchange Commission; (b) the repeal of the Investments and Securities Act 1999; (c) the enlarged powers and functions of the Commission over the capital market; and (d) a set of new market infrastructures and wide-ranging system of regulation of investment and securities business in Nigeria, especially in the area of Mergers, Acquisitions and Take-Over, and collective Investment Schemes, where new provisions were made.

SEC Rules & Code

In order to effectively and efficiently carry out the objectives of securities regulation as embedded in the Investments and Securities Act (The Act), the Securities and Exchange Commission (The Commission), has prescribed these Rules and Regulations. These Rules and Regulations provide participants (regulated persons) in the capital market with more precise notice of what is expected of them, what conduct will be sanctioned and also promotes fairness and equality of treatment among similarly situated persons.

NSE Green Book

Companies wishing to be admitted to the official list of THE NIGERIAN STOCK EXCHANGE must, in addition to complying with The Exchange’s rules Governing Listing, comply with the relevant provisions of the Companies And Allied Matters Act 1990, the Investment and Securities Act, 1999 and other relevant statutory requirements.

Complaints Management Framework

The view of the Association of Issuing Houses of Nigeria (AIHN) is that customer complaints should be handled directly by the Securities and Exchange Commission “SEC” where they are not resolved by the Operators within the timelines prescribed by the framework. This approach is primarily to manage the efficacy and independence of the complaints resolution process given that the AIHN members and executives are operators who are also active in running their businesses and may also be the subject of some of the customer complaints.